Nreal light Out of Memory problem when try to awake camera

Hello everyone,

I am want integrate Aurcoscanner in Unity, which will use the camera of Nreal glass. I implemented it on an Andriod device and quiet often I get error message “Error NREAL Usb submit transfer failed: ret=-1, errno=12, Out of memory” at the moment when I try to awake the camera of Nreal. After that, my scene in Unity is frozen and the camera is not started.

Does anyone also have this problem?

Device Information:
Nreal Light NR-9101GGL
OPPO Find X3 Pro CPH2173


Hi, please check the following:

  1. Try to disable the Auto Brightness Adjustment of your phone.
  2. If no change, please uninstall and reinstall the Nebula app.
  3. Please confirm the NRSDK version.

Thank you for the reply.