Nreal Light Out of memory

Hi everyone.
I’m facing an issue when I try to get a texture from the RGB Camera. It happens every now an then and only restarting the device solves it. The exact error message is this:

Error NREAL Usb submit transfer failed: ret=-1, errno=12, Out of memory

When it happens the app freezes and doesn’t respond. Auto-brightness is off.
I use one plus 9 pro device.

Please let me know if this is a known bug and if there’s solution or if it connected to the mobile device that I use.

Best regards, Giannis

Please try to restart your phone and launch the developed app again.

Thank you for your reply!
So there isn’t a way to predict and avoid this issue?

Currently no, it is related to the phone system, not only the Nebula app. We are still looking for a better solution.