Nreal remote and on site collaboration


Lets say I have a company doing Audit in a manufacturing site. So one is wearing Nreal on site, while recording what he see to a fellow sitting remote at a HQ on a pc, perhaps even in another country.

So the person remote can follow what the person on site look at. Optimal they can communicate both via microphone and they can draw arrows onto the real world, that is visual communication.

If this is possible please do let me know.

Is possible.
There are several possible options, one of which is that the Nreal Light comes with a camera and microphone that you can send remotely using WebRTC.

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I recommend this app.
Dive with Nreal


Thank you both. Do you know any companies who are using it ? What are your own experience with either solution?

I think the app seems more plug and play :slight_smile:

I will see if I can get a company or two to test it here. Though around here Iphone is popular.

Yuta.naito do you know the people from the company who made the app?

Yes, I know. You can contact with them via the following e-mail.

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Thank you. I tried to test it today on a Oneplus 9 pro 5G, it is on the supported list, but the app can’t find the phone :confused: