Nreal Windows Support

As you would have guessed, as one of the first few post in this new forum would be logically this. Right now with Nreal Light glasses being connected to a windows device we could only do screen mirroring of your desktop. (Works with Duplicate or Extended). The issue with this:

  • Its not fixed at a specific position on the MR Space, as result the screen is pinned in your line of sight, which means it will move together with your head and not stay a specific location in space where you left it.
  • You cannot experience any XR/ VR apps (for example like the ones that steam offers).
  • You cannot clearly see the corners of your screen, you will need to manually resize the screen on your graphic card control panel on your computer.

So the big question:
We would like to know when or if we we’ll have Windows support, since both developers and consumers would love to have windows screens on their MR SPACE sight.
Or will we at least have XR support?

I still cannot believe that we still don’t have this yet.


I am liking this idea, but it would need a powerful computing unit at least with a good graphics card because of the real-time SLAM tracking that it would have to do. But the cable length would bother me.

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I’d love to be able to test my app in Unity on PC without building an APK and pushing to the compute unit or phone if a Windows app or driver can be added for the Nreal Light. That said, all marketing materials for the Nreal Light advertise it can be connected to an Android device and I don’t think any form of PC mode has yet been disclosed from the Nreal team.

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I agree. Also if they were able provide exynos support, that means it’s not tied to qualcomm processors. Nreal could release, Nvidia gpu, Intel cpu/gpu or Mediatek/AMD support (use PC cpu or gpu as “computing unit”). The glasses are just like monitor, you only need the have the appropriate software (app for windows) and firmware(on the glasses) to make it work. It would a game changer if we could use all VR/AR apps on PC or on mobile.

yeah, the glasses are dumb, the smartphone does all the computing work and uses the cameras, display, speakers and sensors like usb devices - it should be possible to use the communication on any device and build also something “open source community project”-like

also on my s20+ with exynos seems to work with my apps - just click a lot on the warning to get to the dev options

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This is a workaround for now:

However there are 3 cons with this method:

  • You will need compatible android phone + universal nebula (Instead of just connecting your glasses to to PC :triumph:)
  • You might experience lag (So 5G WiFi preferably)
  • You might need a working adapter that can charge your phone while having Nreal Glasses connected at the same time. (Not to drain your phone battery for longer operational time.) Might wanna browse here to check which one can do this job: Adapters for Nreal Glasses

Lenovo will be soon offering smart glasses that windows support and naturally with phone support.

Qualcomm is also on their way too: LINK

Time to step up your game Nreal.

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I second this request. A comparable set of glasses, the AjnaLens AjnaX supports Windows as well:

Can @XREAL-dev confirm Windows support is something being actively worked on?

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@XREAL-dev, please come quickly with an alternative for Lenovo’s Windows PC solution:

Couldn’t you at least allow us to Air Cast to a fixed position (I don’t want it to be head-locked when connected to a Windows PC).

I’m already considering selling my Nreal Light and moving forward if you don’t…


I will give them 1-3 months more, if they don’t come with a way to make screens fixed position in MR SPACE with PC then I will be doing the same (Selling my Nreal Light Glasses). I can hardly not see this not being a huge priority right now. In fact, lately many recent posts are about connecting Nreal Light glasses to PC.


I might do the same thing, those glasses were nice, but crippled by the lack of openness/support/roadmap by Nreal.