Nrealglasses can't be connected with my phone

I’m Korean, so I’m not very good at English.
While I was connecting the glasses to my phone, the screen didn’t come out, so I disconnected the glasses and the phone with a frustrated heart. No matter how many times I connect it, the smart phone nebula app asks me to connect the glasses to my phone.
The date I bought this device was around 2022/05/~. This is an older version device.
How can I solve the problem?

Hi, sorry about the current issue. I want to confirm something if possible. Could you please tell me what phone model you used? And I wondered if have any other USB-C cable can be used for test. Also, you can try to connect your glass to a PC to check if there is any image.

thank you,My phone model is Samsung Galaxy 22+. And there is a USB-C cable that I usually use for charging. I don’t understand the last sentence.


So there is image in the glass after connecting to your PC. I just want to check if there is something wrong with the default cable of Air glass.
From what you sent, I think the glass is OK without problem, and the cable is well. Then I wondered if there is any error tip in Nebula when you connect glass to your S22+?

When i connet my phone with glasses. My phone doesn’t recognize my glasses. only the screen is shared, but it appears that it is not connected in the app. So I can’t use Ar space. And I thought my phone was weird, so I tried it with someone else’s phone (S22+, same model), but it didn’t work.

OK, thanks for the further info, could you please send me the details of your phone system, like Android version?

Model Name: Galaxy S22+
Model Number: SM-S906N
One UI version (5.0)
Android Version(13)
Need more information?


I think this issue is mainly caused by the Android version, we don’t fully test the Nebula on Android 13. Please try to use Nebula on a lower version, like 12 or 11.

Hi! I have the same issue. Suddenly my phone (Oneplus 9), computing unit and PC do not recognize the glasses. I have been developing for months, but suddenly the glasses don’t work as an HID.

Did you find a solution?