NRSDK 1.10.2 Can do "Grab" and "Pointer Click" on the middle cube in HandTracking Sample


I can use PointerEnter, PointerExit, PointerClick operation on ControlPanel’s Cube in HandTracking Demo sample.
I try to do grapb action on Controller’s Cube . then

  1. Add Grabbers(NGGrabber_Right, NGGrabber_left) into ControlPanel GameObject and add ItemCollector.cs to ControlPanel

  2. Add Rigidbody component with “CollisionDetectionMode== ContinuousDynamics” to ControlPanel’s cube and add the script “CubeInteractiveTest.cs” to let CubeInteractiveTest as NRGrabbableObject as bellow:

 public class CubeInteractiveTest: NRGrabbableObject, IPointerClickHandler, IPointerEnterHandler, IPointerExitHandler
       /// <summary> The mesh render. </summary>
       private MeshRenderer m_MeshRender;

       /// <summary> Awakes this object. </summary>
       // void Awake()
       //    m_MeshRender = transform.GetComponent<MeshRenderer>();
       protected override void Awake()
           m_MeshRender = transform.GetComponent<MeshRenderer>();
  1. I run the demo by pc and try use right hand to do grab action on ControlPanel’s Cube , but NRGrabber.OnTriggerEnter is not trigged.
        /// <summary> Executes the 'trigger enter' action. </summary>
        /// <param name="other"> The other.</param>
        private void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)
            NRGrabbableObject grabble = other.GetComponent<NRGrabbableObject>() ?? other.GetComponentInParent<NRGrabbableObject>();
            if (grabble == null)
            if (m_GrabReadyDict.ContainsKey(grabble))
                m_GrabReadyDict[grabble] += 1;
                m_GrabReadyDict.Add(grabble, 1);

Anyone know how to do this?

Thank you for the help.

Hi, maybe you can check this post. NRSDK 1.10.2 Grab does not work in editor