NRSDK 1.10.2 development build crashes on startup on NREAL AIR

Project & build & log:

Repro steps:

  1. Open the project above
  2. Build the app
  3. See it crash on startup


  • It’s a minimum repro project and nothing other than NRSDK in it.
  • Uncheck “Development Build” on Unity’s Build Settings menu and the app will run fine.
  • But we need to profile the Android runtime on development build…
  • I don’t know if this issue is present with any other Nreal/Xreal devices.

Hi, we fixed this issue on V2.0 SDK. Maybe you can try to use the latest SDK on compatible phones.

Thanks, confirmed. Please see other thread because V2.0 SDK is producing black screen with NREAL AIR and GALAXY NOTE phone, which I didn’t see happen with the previous SDK. I’m NOT using the computing unit.