NRSDK 1.8 Experimental features

The experimental features don’t seem to be part of the NRSDK 1.8 package.

Please share the experimental features.

OK found it. Thank you NReal Twitter for the link:

Cannot download link, I do not know why?

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Just wait a bit longer. I waited 3 minutes before the loading started. I don’t know why

Why do I need to watch Nreals twitter account to get this information? Why don’t they publish it here or in the developer area? @XREAL-dev please try to be more friendly to the developers that try to make your product a success out there!

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Hello, if you have any suggestions for our developer community, please feel free to put them forward, we will definitely consider and improve and optimize in time.

Hi Developer, thanks for you suggestion. We are trying to improve our service for developers, if you have any other suggestions or feedbacks, please drop us an email. Thanks in advance. Here is the email address: