NRSDK 2.1 blacked out on NREAL AIR

Project & build:

I’m aware that the compute unit is discontinued. Is Nreal Air also discontinued?

Hi, the NRSDK V2.1 is not supported on the computing unit. You can only use V1.10 or below. Sorry about that.

Hi, I mean NREAL AIR, model name NR-7100RGL, not the computing unit. As the title. It’s plugged to an Android smartphone GALAXY NOTE20 ULTRA 5G. The screen is blacked out with a Unity app made with NRSDK 2.1. It works fine with the previous version of NRSDK. Unity project and build APK is attached in the zip for repro.

Thanks for the details. Could you please also send me the apk you built? I downloaded the project you attached above, but seems the gradle file lost in the project, I’m afraid that it was because I changed the Unity Editor version( I have 2021 and 2020 Unity).
I attached the built apk(input-interaction) below, please check if the apk can be opened on your phone.

Found the culprit. We had a custom launcher which was stuck behind the latest firmware version.

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