NRSDK 2.1 not working on the xReal Computing Unit

I have an XReal Computing Unit with Oreo 8.1 Android (27). every time i build the Local Mapper scene to the Computing Unit, it just shows as all black inside the xReal Light Glasses, but on the phone with Nebula it works fine. anyone encountered the same issue and figured out a solution?

Hi, the computing unit is not compatible with NRSDK V2.1. Sorry about it.

@XREAL-dev Are you dropping support for the computing unit / dev kit from now on? Or is this just temporary.

@XREAL-dev - can you please provide an update as to whether the dev kit is still supported and will get SDK updates, as I need to choose whether we go forwards with this device…

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Hi, the new SDK will not support the Dev kit because of the hardware iteration, and we ill not release a new system version to make them compatible. If you still want to use the dev kit, please use V1.9 SDK or below.

You might want to put that information on the SDK download page then, instead of people downloading it and trying to get it to work with their Dev Kits.

It’s pretty disgusting that you’re dropping support for the Dev Kits. Especially since you’ve made it so the Dev Kit glasses don’t work with mobile headsets, so we’ve basically bought devices that are stuck with a terrible, buggy SDK.

Hi, I apologize for not providing a notice on the downloading page. We will make sure to add the necessary information in the future. It is important to note that the Dev Kit has been released for over three years and has reached its end of life (EOL). So we have made the decision to not make the latest SDK compatible with the Dev Kit. Thanks for your understanding.

Doesn’t help the people that have invested in the dev kit under the impression that the image tracking/plane detection and everything else would be imporved via the SDK over time. It hasn’t, and now definitely won’t be