NRSDK not work in easyAR

Please make tutorials about how to use easyAR in Nreal, although I have followed the official document,but I still can’t achieve the function of basic image tracking

EasyAR is a third party solution, I dont think they are in direct partnership with Nreal, but merely offer the option to use NRSDK with EasyAR.

I would go to the community platforms for EasyAR and ask them to help you out with this. NRSDK has their own image tracking option, so I expect Nreal would tell you to use their own build-in solution.

Hi, just like what @wilcoboode mentioned, EasyAR is a kind of third-party method, if you want to use EasyAR with our NRSDK, please ask EasyAR for further support.

Join the Nreal Discord Community and I will be able to help you with that. Bdw, the Easy AR is not that "easy