NRSDK & Unity Visual Effect Graph (Vfx)

Hi everyone, I received my NReal glasses a few days ago and had a great fun trying to tame the beast. Currently working on a project and everything’ going well, except one issue - shader graph effects render incorrectly. This happened with majority of them, yet particle systems look just fine.
On the web all I could find was - Nreal does not support URP, and that was a year ago. Maybe someone has encountered a similar issue? I’d appreciate any thoughts/experiences.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, is this about the Shader Graph, or the Visual Effect Graph? (you mention both).

The visual effect graph does not work on mobile hardware, as it requires a dedicated graphics unit (afaik).
I use shader graph in my own project, and this works fine (Nreal Dev Kit + OnePlus 8T, Unity 2021).