Object Tracking Using Nreal And Augmenting Detected Objects


Has anyone tried to perform object tracking with Nreal glasses and augmented the detected objects? I want to achieve an output similar to the Vuforia model targets where I can detect a certain object and place the 3d model of that object on top of the physical object and track them. If anyone was successful in doing so, could you please guide me on this?


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Nreal is currently not supporting Vuforia SDK, so you have to code most of all by yourself.
I’m not sure because it isn’t open-source, but I heard Vuforia makes some feature points and uses SIFT method to classify and match the object.
I tried the object detecting and tracking project on nreal glasses before, so I can give you some comment.

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Heyy, thank you for your response.

Recently I had tried to use the OpenCVForUnity asset to detect objects using the nreal RGB camera, and was able to detect some objects. I haven’t tried testing it with custom trained models yet tho.

Do you have any sample project that perfoms object tracking on Nreal?

Also, I am mainly looking into overlaying a 3d model of the detected object on top of the physical object. Have you succeeded in doing something similar?

Looking forward to your reply! Thanks.

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