Old Glasses Obsolete?

I have a pair of white Nreal glasses with the red logo on the side. They work okay in the compute unit, but Nebula on my Samsung says they are old and I should get the commercial version.

Is there any workaround for this? It seems idiotic that a headset that is basically fine isn’t allowed to work as intended.

Glasses firmware version -

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Doesn’t your Nebula try to update the glasses’ firmware when you connect it?

If you want, you can try to update them manually.

Yes it does. It updated to the above mentioned version. Are you suggesting that the firmware is the issue here?

Actually, it updated the firmware when I connected it to the Compute Unit. When I plug it in to the phone I get an error message stating either that I have an old headset or that it can’t synchronize.

If you go to Nebula’s developer mode on the phone there is an option to check the firmware and update. Try plugging the glasses while this option is on or off and see if that does something