On Nreal air , can we remove the front lense or change them for clear one?

Shade one are too dark for walking at night , and I need to see clearly.


Hi, really sorry about the experience you had. The front lens which is like sunglass would prevent most of the light, so it would be better not to use it in a dark environment while walking. And we don’t have other types of front lenses for selection.

can I remove it ?

can I mold a clear lense ?

Is it going to brick the device if I do so ?

I really want clear lense , its like I need it or I dont want the device.

I really want to know before I break the fram to remove the front glass .

Hi, you can customize the glass, but I have to tell you that the Air glass cannot be under warranty if you customize the glass manually.

Did you end up making this modification? If so, how did it work?