Oneplus 11 not supported

I have an Oneplus 8 pro and 11. Sad thing is 8 is now supported, but the newer 11 is not. Do you have a timeline on supporting the lastest Oneplus phones?

The Oneplus 11 no longer supports DP output, so the glass cannot be used with the Oneplus 11. This decision was made by the phone manufacturer. We apologize for any inconvenience.

You need to specify the Android hardware and software requirements on the product page, before people hit the “BUY NOW!” button.

It’s very bad business practice when people have to find out a) ordering and waiting for deliver b) countless hours of trying to make things work and c) perusing a comminity forum they had no intention of visiting, because they just wanted the product to work…

Not only do you require matching hardware but evidently only outdated Android releases seem to work, too, which means that currently Android is not a supported platform.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused due to insufficient information on the adaptation list. On the previous version of the old page, we provided detailed information. With the recent changes to the new page, there might be some missing information. I will inform the web team to promptly supplement the relevant details. I deeply regret any inconvenience caused.

I appreciate your apology and I sincerely hope that your web site will reflect the actual capabilities and technical specifications in the future, including such crucial information about the interpupilary distance range supported.

I was glad to find that evidently DP and Air support on Android 13 is still technically possible, because there are quite a few other use cases beyond the Air (e.g. DeX-like docking) that depend on it.

And I consider it a good sign that OnePlus seems to have come to its senses and seems revert back to a fully capable USB-C port on the OnePlus 12: a flagship with USB 2 is a nasty surprise.

In the mean-time, could you please contact your sales team to unblock the refund for my device?

I believe I’ve done my best to provide you with valuable feedback, but such as it stands, Xreal Air² Pro is unusable for me and product delivery is simply not complete without working software and the hardware limitations (washed-out text and IPD) ultimately seem unsurmountable, too.

Just a note that refund was finally unblocked after far too much of a discussion.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to persevere in your appeals.