OnePlus 9 5G does not recognize Nreal Air NR-7100RGL

Greetings all developers cordially, I come to ask you to answer me a question, is it possible that even downloading the app directly from the website, it does not work properly because I am Brazilian? I bought a Nreal air and I have a OnePlus 9 5G and it only shows the cell phone screen without the sound.

The attached image is from the nebula app when the Nreal Air is connected via USB.

Hi, this is a known issue on the Oneplus phone. It is because of the change of DP&USB mechanism on the new version of the Oneplus system(above _11_C.65 version), which causes the glass cannot be detected by Nebula. You can downgrade the current version and get the glass working.

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Ok. I will trie but, how i do this?
Is it possible that in the next nreal firmware update it will work?

We already found the cause and tried to solve it by firmware. But I cannot make sure the specific release time.

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Any more progress on this issue - just got my NReal glasses and can’t get them to work on my OnePlus 9. The phone is running OxygenOS 13 and downgrading isn’t an option - when do you expect the firmware update?

Same question different year. When do you think we would have an update that can work?
If you need a beta tester, I’d be happy to test and send feedback, love, etc… Thank you

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