OnePlus 9 - direct connection with cable C

Nebula is currently not compatible with this smartphone. However, when I connect nreal air without nebula, I can only get the video because the audio comes out from the smartphone speakers.
There is a solution?

Hi developer. This is a known issue for Oneplus phone which is installed with ColorOS 12. Please downgrade to 11 or below, then Air can work well I think.

On my smartphone is installed the latest version of the firmware based on Android 12. Thanks for the solution but I prefer to wait because a downgrade is not easy and inappropriate to do.


We are discussing this with Oneplus, I will let you know if there is a result. By the way, it is not caused by Nebula, so the new version of Nebula will not help much. Please notice it.

Well, my Nreal glasses out of town so I cant test it, but last time it work fine on Oneplus 9 Pro.

Yep, Air also worked well with my Oneplus phone previously, but cannot work now. It is because of the ColorOS 12.