Oneplus compatibility in the US

I just bought my Nreal glasses and have a OnePlus 9 5G. The Play Store says that the device is not compatible. In the US the Nreal website only lists Samsung and OnePlus 8 devices as compatible. Is it even possible that Nreal can support the OnePlus 9 Pro or the 10 Pro? I don’t want to switch to Samsung and I tend to enjoy the OnePlus brand? I don’t mind switching to the 9 Pro or the 10 Pro if this is the case. But hopefully the 9 can work!

Hi developer, could you please send me the screenshot which can show the error tip of ‘incompatible’ to the following mailbox? Also, please confirm if your Oneplus 9 is from T-mobile. Thanks in advance.

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Just did. Hope it can be worked on ASAP. And yes the OnePlus is from t-mobile

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What this question was resolved?
I’m getting another phone just for AR development but am curious if my personal phone is compatible.
T-Mobile OnePlus 9 5G LE2117 • Android 12 • Snapdragon 888 Octacore (hardware version 22).