**Open Discussion**: *The Nreal Air and Steamdeck*

Hello community, I am located in the United States and just purchased the Nreal Air, I have seen in another topic, some discussions about this. I thought it would be helpful for us in the community, as well as the @XREAL-dev team to have an open discussion on the topic.

I am very hopeful about the Nreal Air as well as the SteamDeck. Both products are very exciting, I would love to see them help eachother succeed!

– `I will start the discussion with a question for both the community as well as the @XREAL-dev team:
Although there are a few minor issues I have observed connecting the Nreal Air with the Steamdeck, it seems they consist of relatively minor issues. Ex: Framerate Max @ 30 FPS, Unable To Charge Steamdeck simultaneously, ect. I am hopful that with some time and great work by the community and Dev teams that they will be worked out.
I am more interested in learning the fundamental compatibility of the two products. I read in the last forum that someone had the USB C on their Air get hot and stop working altogether… Is this an isolated incident, or is it common?

Thank You Very Much Everyone, For Your Time And Consideration.


Hi, developer. Firstly, I think that the issue of Air getting hot and stopping working while using Steamdeck is an isolated issue, we tested the use case, and no such issue. And for the 30 fps issue, you can change it by editing the root file and get 60 fps. Finally, you mentioned that you cannot charge steamdeck whiling using with Air, yes, it is like this currently.


Can you please show us how to edit the root file on steam deck please to get 60fps working.

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Hi, we posted the method on Reddit, please check the following link:

Redmagic Gaming Dock(more like a mini USB-C hub) may let you use glasses and charge Steam Deck at same time - this may not work if Redmagic power output is too low or if charging voltage of Steam Deck is not supported.
Vive Flow Power Adapter is another potential option that needs testing - same story with with power.
Another way may be to test a combination of a powered usb-c hub that has hdmi output with a Gofranco hdmi to usb-c adapter - this option should have enough amps as long as the hub is powered.

Disclaimer: I have not tested any of the above possibilities personally and cannot confirm if they work.

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Continuing the discussion from Open Discussion: The Nreal Air and Steamdeck:

I was wondering if there are any usb-c hubs that would allow the Air to get power? The glasses only powerup when connected directly to the Steam Deck…what is preventing them working through a hub? @XREAL-dev

I am dual booting my steam deck with SteamOS and Windows 11…the Air work when connected to Windows 11 on the steam deck, but not when I plug them into my main pc usb-c port running windows 10… just thought that was odd :open_mouth: I know windows isn’t supported, but I was curious why they don’t work with windows on main pc.

I just wanted to say great job with the Air…they are very cool! :slight_smile: I am currently trying to figure out how I can block out the sides and keep all the light out…for total immersion! I will post what I come up with!

Hi, developer. Did your Windows 10 PC detect Air glass when inserting Air into it? Also, please confirm if the USB-C port of your PC supports DP output.

Windows is supported, it is the DisplayPort Alternate Mode that needs to be present on your USB-C port. You can use the Dell WD19 docking station to charge the Steam Deck as well as letting you connect the Air to the DP Alt Mode USB-C port on the back.

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There is currently no usb hub that supports usbc display alt mode while also having power delivery. Only thing that exists to this point that can do this are thunderbolt 4 /usb 4 docking stations, that only run with big heavy powerbricks and are crazy expensive. You can only get power delivery to the deck and the airs by using an usbc hub with hdmi → hdmi to usbc adapter → nreal airs. You an find a lot of them in this forum, but some of them come also with some flaws.

I just purchased the nreal air threw ee and put a reservation on the steamdeck 516gb few days ago so cant wait to use them together, found my samsung s22 dosent do ar mode but i can screen mirror what im watching still
Hope theres more updates and compatibility in near future

Please make sure Dex mode of your S22 is disabled. After that, please enter AR Space.

Dosent work on the samsung s22 ur compatability list is tiny

So did anyone test any of these out yet?

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You will find a guy on reddit that tested the redmagic game dock and proofs that it is infact working. I dont know why there is nothing else on the market right now that can do exactly this without that stupid formfactor, buts it is the first working no adapter, ready to use solution. @XREAL-dev would be super cool if you check out this mini dock and perhaps can copy something like it was an accessory with a more reasonable design. Would be a perfect match for steamdeck and phones alike.

Hi, we are trying to find a solution that can solve the play&charge issue. Please give us some more time. Just like we have solved the limit fps issue on Steamdeck. BTW, have you tried our new firmware of Air with Steamdeck.

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Rokid Hub is nice and small although it does not work with Nreal(english subtitles at bottom):

Ideally Nreal should combine Charge@Play with HDMI to USB-C converter on one board in a small adapter.

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Hi there, where can i get the new firmware? I have the latest beta app from google play and also the newset firmware since September. Is it rolling out yet?

I would rather like a usb cable connection to the adapter, becaus a all in one modul will block the vents on the steamdeck and for smartphone it will block the speaker. Also HDMI will not be needed, instead put 2 usb c one video one power delivery port.

Please check this link: Nreal Air - Activation and firmware update


Could you please clarify what you mean by “that stupid formfactor” and “more reasonable design” ?
What should be different to Redmagic Dock if you are happy with the cable part?
I am confident we will be on same page once conflicting statements are declassified.

Both the x2 USB-C and HDMI are necessary for use cases that include desktop PCs or laptops without USB-C in combination with phones.
Adapter size does not need to get larger as HDMI connector can be added on the side. Same chip will facilitate Charge&Play through USB-C and HDMI conversion.