Opening browser to show websites in Nreal glass

Hi, I am trying to show users websites from links in Nreal glass.

I tried opening external default browser from my AR app. The developer kit’s computing unit does not have any browser so it didn’t work. I tried installing chrome in the computing unit, it got installed but it doesn’t show chrome in the nreal glasses.
I used this line of code to open the browser "Application.OpenURL("");"
from my AR app. I don’t have real android device so I don’t know if it’s going to work in nebula.

I want to ask 2 questions.

  1. how can I install browser in the computing unit of the dev kit and open the browser to direct users to websites?

  2. I tried integrating Webview in my app but did’t find any plugin for Nreal. Can anyone suggest me anything ?


Hi developer. 2D App cannot be installed in computing unit. If you want to view a specific website in your 3D app. Maybe you can try Webview-Unity plugin in your project. Please check the following link.

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Thanks for your response.
I tried this already. When i run the app in the nreal glass, i don’t see anything. it shows the webivew in the simulator though but not in the glass. Another thing i have noticed that in the simulator it overlays the controller. May be i am not setting the camerarig properly. Can you guide me please ?

It also doesn’t play the youtube videos as well. Any suggestions on how to play videos with this plugin ?

If there is way to show webview in 3d world pace using this plugin , please let me know.

Hi developer, if the above source from github cannot work. Then you need the following 3D Webview unity plugin. But I have to emphasize that this one is theratically supported by NRSDK.

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