OpenXR support - Will it be OS independent?

Hey @XREAL-dev

Will OpenXR support come in for Windows, MacOS and Android at the same time?
Will OpenXR be supported on Linux at time of release?

If you don’t mind me asking, what are the bottlenecks preventing Unreal Engine support?
What makes UE5 so different from Unity in this respect?
Will OpenXR support add compatibility with UE5 ?



OpenXR on Linux would also turn SteamDecks into a viable option for developers and early adopters.

Would you be able to comment on any of the above?

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this will be an nice information.

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Sorry for late reply. OpenXR support should support Android at this time. And about UE5, we did discuss it with Unreal Team, and both of us think Unreal Engine is not so perfectly suitable to do integration at that time, the pain point was OpenXR integration. Once the integration with OpenXR is released, most of UE can be compatible, and then we will work together to finish the rest integration of UE.

Thanks @XREAL-dev

Since only Android was mentioned, could you please clarify when will OpenXR with most of UE5 be working on Windows?

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Dear @XREAL-dev,

this is great news. My team at Migeran implemented OpenXR support for Android based headsets for Godot Engine 4. It was first released in Godot 4 Beta 2 for the Meta Quest2.

Godot Engine is a lightweight but powerful open-source Game Engine, and it is very well-suited for AR projects. We implemented multiple AR projects with it, including building the rendering engine for WayRay’s AR HUD, We also created the software for the Foxus Add-On Camera for the Quest 2, which provides similar AR quality as the Quest Pro at a much lower cost.

We also implemented support for unofficial OpenXR extensions (that is: extensions that are not yet in the Khronos OpenXR Registry) using Godot’s GDExtension framework. One example of such an extension is the Meta Screen Capture extension.

We would be happy to help you build Nreal Light support into the Godot Engine.

Kind regards,
Gergely Kis
Lead Engineer and CTO of Migeran