Operating temperature of Xreal light and Xreal air glasses

Hi @XREAL-dev ,

Can you let us know what is the operating temperature range of Xreal light and Xreal air glasses?


The operating temperature range for Light is 0-55 degrees; for Air is 0-40 degrees.

@XREAL-dev does xreal has discontinued Xreal light glasses?? Since we were not able to see in shop section on the xreal website.

The XREAL Light is end of production, sorry about it.

@XREAL-dev Actually I have requirement of AR glasses which need to work above 45deg temperature. Would you suggest using Xreal Air? Since you mentioned its operating temperature is 40deg max. So let us know we can use it what might me issues that can occur.

The Air should not be suitable in this use case. If the temperature is higher than the max operating temp, the glass will stop working.