Oppo find pro x3 & android 13.2 not compatible

Hey, I have some Oppo find X3 pro phones with android 13.1, and nebula tells me the device is currently not supported.

When I enable dev mode, nebula ignores this warning and launches anyway. Everything works as intended and I have no issue with the app itself (self build app in the Light).

Is there anyway to permanently enables dev mode, or tell nebula to ingnore this warning? As Dev mode is disabled after nebula is closed, and enabling nebula everything before starting an app is incredibly annoying.

Thanks a lot for the support

Hi, wilcoboode. Can you please confirm the version of Nebula you are currently using? It seems like you might be using a customized version of Nebula.


I am using version 3.4.1, the APK available via the link, in the Google sheet, in the discord channel.

The ‘Disable device check’ function has been removed from the Developer Option of V3.0 Nebula. It seems that the issue you are experiencing is primarily due to an unstable DP signal. We suggest trying to connect the device a few times (without enabling developer mode) and observing if the error message persists.

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Thank you for the info. I didn’t realize the feature had been completely removed in 3.0.

I will check your suggestion to see if it is indeed the DP signal

Wanted to let you know that the connector seems to be the issue indeed. Its a 50/50 whether i get the error or not.

Thank you for the help.

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