Oppo Find X3 Pro: RGB Camera Disabled

Hey fellow develoepers,

I am permanently getting the error that the RGB Camera is disabled. Even though all permissions are given, Power Mode is disabled (both, Nebula AND phone settings).

Have any of you experienced the same issue?

Thank you for any additional ideas!

Maybe deactivate power saving mode, too?

I have the same issue with Galaxy S21. Where is these settings? I can’t find the settings out in Nebula.

I have the same problem.
How do I get access to RGB Camera?
cc @XREAL-dev

I am having the same problem on Oppo Find X3 using the RBGCamera - Capture demo scene. Power Mode is disabled.

Ok, I managed to solve this. The powers saving mode some refer to is not the Android setting its in the Nebula app. When you enter the app and have to chose between MR space and Air casting on the top left corner there is your user profile, click on that and go Settings > Power Saving Mode and turn it OFF. This is not intuitive at all.