Package Identifier Bug for Recommended Apps on Galaxy 20, Note 20, and ZFold devices

Wanted to inform that there is a bug affecting some Nreal recommended applications that seems to be related to package name and something that the Nebula/Nreal service is doing. This only happens on:

  • Galaxy S20/S21
  • Note 20/21
  • ZFold 2/3

Changing the package name fixes the issue, but obviously Google Play Store package names can’t change.

We are not sure why this is happening, but it is definitely affecting Table Trenches and Table Trenches Demo; we believe this is affecting Dunkaar as well. This does not affect Figmin. If you are looking for a version of Table Trenches demo that works on these devices, I’ve made a thread here: Table Trenches Nreal Bug

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Update on this, I believe the issue may actually only be affecting ZFold 2/ZFold 3 devices. I was able to get everything running fine on a Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Would be great to hear if others have encountered issues.