PC and Nreal Glasses Compatibility

Nreal glasses can be used with devices that support DP output through the USB Type-C port. So long as your computer has a USB Type-C port and can output DP signals, the Nreal glasses can then be used as an external monitor.

A virtual screen measuring 130 inches will be placed 4 meters away. The screen won’t resize and will remain in front of your eyes as you turn your head.

M-series MacBooks

The M-series MacBooks will get a Nebula that enables three floating virtual screens, greatly boosting productivity.

Currently, Nebula’s beta for the MacBook M-Series is jittery, according to our users. A formal one will be made available very soon. Wait patiently, please.

:pushpin:Update: Nebula for Mac Tutorial

Intel MacBooks

As of yet, Intel MacBooks do not support Nebula. Although it will take some time, we have a plan to make Nebula accessible to Intel MacBooks.

Strangely, someone claimed that the Nebula for M-Series MacBooks also functions on those Intel models. However, at this time, we are unable to offer any support for this.

:pushpin: Even without any apps installed, you could use the glasses to mirror the screen of your MacBook.

Windows Laptops

Windows laptops can only be used for screen mirroring as of right now. There isn’t yet a Nebula for AR experiences. There will be a 130-inch virtual screen 4 meters away.

But we discovered that the majority of you have this need. We pledge to give it our top attention.

Windows Desktops

:pushpin: The USB Type-C port on the graphics card must be used to connect the glasses rather than the motherboard, which typically does not provide DP output.

Some desktops, like the Alienware Aurora R13, have Type-C ports on the motherboard in addition to the DP ports on the graphics card. In these situations, the Nreal glasses cannot be used with the Type-C ports because they typically do not support DP output.

:warning: Nreal Adapter cannot currently be used with Nreal Air or Nreal Light on a PC with HDMI output. The sound has a known problem.

Please explain to me how to use the NREAL air on a deskptop with Win 11.
I have the motherboard ASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Formula AM4 Zen 3 and verified that I have DP output dirrectly on the MB but I only hear sound, NO video.
When I connect to my 2016 Macbook with touchbar, I only see video, and no sound. Also, the video seems very far away, impossible to read, and the Nebula app will not even open on my mac.
So please, again, tell me how to use those glasses with a step by step. I am surprised I can’t find any good guides, and to be honest, for $400, this has been a way frustrating experience. Hope you can help me out or else they are going back. Thank you.

Hi. On your Win PC, please try to downgrade the USB driver version and then connect the glass. On your Macbook, I wondered if you can check if the audio output is not selected for the Air glass?

What adapter would you recommend if a WIN PC, USB-C port does not connect directly to the graphics then. Currently my pc only has DP ports, no HDMI.

Hi, I cannot recommend any DP-USBC adaptor because we don’t test this kind of adaptor.