Phone compatability

Hello all, I hope that I can get a clear answer. I have seen conflicting reports as to which handsets work with nebula. I am in the US, and can purchase an unlocked phone. can someone please tell me if regular S21 is OK, with minimum memory (128GB), will work? if not, I just need a clear response for a working unlocked US phone that will work with nebula.

Thank you.



you could provide a correct (you spelled compatibility wrong) and more meaningful title to get more support - like that you are in the US and you want to use the S21 or something - so people will easily see and read your request - sorry that I cant help you

Good Morning Jan, you are absolutely correct, my previous question was incorrectly worded, contained misspellings, and not enough information. Hopefully this one will be a bit more clear and perhaps garner a clear response(s).

We just received 2 NReal Dev Kits. We are in the US. We would like advice from any US users or others with concrete experience with working phones. We would like to purchase an unlocked Android but have read conflicting stories regarding which phones will work with Nebula and allow 2D and 3D viewing.

Any helpful advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.



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Let me clarify it. Launching 2d apps with Nebula needs a permission as high as system. Only phone models listed in official page are supported. For SM S21, It is only worked with south korea version(SM-G991N,SM-G996N,SM-G998N) using Nebula published in OneStore

Does anyone have any first hand experience with US carriers or even just unlocked and using WiFi? Thank you