Phone in pocket?

Now that Hand-Tracking is a thing on the Nreal, I was wondering, would it be possible to (in future updates) disable your phone screen, and just put it in your pocket?

While I love using the phone-screen as a menu interface for the Nreal, I dislike that im not able to use both hands, as I always have to hold the phone with one hand.

So, would this be possible (in the future), and how would this be achieved? I imagine that will not be possible without changes to the OS. Right now the only way to disable the main screen / make it safe to put your phone in your pocket, is by locking your phone which (afaik) always disables output to the nreal

Are you aware that the phone screen is actually disabled when in hand tracking mode?

Thank you for your reply, I can only test it on the dev-kit, as I dont have a compatible phone.

Is it completely disabled, so that say, swiping up to go Home is disabled as well?
I thought that it only disabled the screen, but that system interaction would still be active.

Oh no, only the screen is disabled. The phone buttons and screen gestures are still active.

As for me I’m using something like this for free hand tracking :yum:

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Great, thank you for your reply. I hope they add support to a wider range of phones in the next hand-tracking update so that I can try it out myself (Oneplus 8).

Its a nice early solution to use the phone holder. Thanks for the idea.