Phone unable to connect to nebula and no sound on external monitor/mirror cast


Sound and nebula stopped working on my nreal light device. Mirror cast is working both on phone and other devices

Issue description

Sound and nebula stopped working on my nreal light device. Mirror cast is working both on phone and other devices (iPad pro, MacBook Pro) but no sound. When I connect the glasses to the phone nebula app starts and a message displaying “plug in your glasses to enter Nebula”

Device Model : nreal light

Model number : NR-9101GGL

Phone : Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

Android Version : 13

Nebula version: 3.2.1

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing nebula, installing version 3.1.
Currently the glasses are not connecting to the nebula app. Only screen mirroring is working
without sound. Please help in fixing this issue


Hi, about this issue, the Nebula is not working because of the Android version I think. Our Nebula cannot work normally on 13, please try to downgrade the system version. And you mentioned that there is no sound under mirror-casting mode, this is an issue. I noticed that you have a MacBook Pro, could you please confirm if it is built with M series chipset? If so, please try to install the Mac Nebula, and connect your Light to your Mac. I want to check if the audio is normal when working with Mac Nebula.

Hi, it is an intel Mac. There is no sound when I connected to iPad Pro too. It was earlier working fine with sound.

Also when I tried to activate the glasses using the computer and click connect the glasses is not showing as a HID device in the list.

Downgrading to Android 12 is not possible due mobile phone provider is managing android updates and no downgrade is possible.

If you think it’s the android version that is causing the issue nreal should have done testing on Android 13 and beta versions of future android releases.


Hi, we are indeed testing our glass on the Android 13 system, and doing related work to solve compatibility issues.
If your glass cannot even get audio from your iPad and Mac when connecting directly, then please contact our after-sales team for further help. The email address is
Hope this can be helpful to you.

That’s great. How do I update the firmware on nreal light glasses without using nebula?

Hi, currently only Nebula or Dev kit can be used to update the firmware of Light. But there is no new firmware for Light.

How do I fix my issue, the nreal light does not connect on nebula and does not show as a HID device when trying to activate using computer.

When I clicked connect pop up windows does not show nreal light in the HID list.

Message says

“ No compatible device found”

As I mentioned, you can contact our after-sales team for further help or maintenance service.

I have already contacted after sales team. The solutions they have suggested have not yet resolved the issue. They want me to update the firmware using computer. When I try that and click connect nreal light glasses are not showing up as a HID device in the pop up window.
Further if this is a firmware issue why is there no sound when screen mirroring on IPad Pro and other devices( PC, MacBook)
Could the firmware issue can cause sound to be not available when screen mirroring on other devices?
Thank you

Hi, when is the next nebula update coming that is compatible with Android 13?

The timeline for Android 13 is unclear because we have to test all of the models in the compatible list. And the issue you met seems not because of incompatibility, it is more like the hardware issue.

Oh, what should I do if this a hardware issue? My nreal lights are still under warranty.
To check if this is really a hardware issue, I need to install nebula on another compatible
phone and try if these connecting.

Hi, just like what I mentioned above, please contact, and provide your purchase details to them.

Hi, I have already emailed after sales

Well @XREAL-dev you seems to think it’s a hardware issue and the after-sales team seems to think it’s a glasses firmware not updated properly. I have no way of uploading the firmware without connecting to nebula.

Please tell me your email address, I will discuss this issue with them internally. is my email. Is there any other way I can update the firmware like using adb or something?

Sorry but no, the firmware of Light cannot be updated by the web or adb.

Hi, seems like my warranty has expired by 3 days. Is there any place in USA that I can repair nreal light glasses?

Hi, there is no RMA in the USA currently. You have to return it back to China and get it repaired.