Please release a Nebula for windows version for the Nreal Light

Hello @XREAL-dev

hope you see that this is not a feature request - let us know please how we can solve this gap.


Hi, really sorry that the Light glass is not compatible with the current Nebula for Windows. And we received several feedback about the Windows Nebula for Light, and we will take it into consideration.


Bumping up this topic.
Light owners helped Nreal to get Nreal glasses into the market; We helped develop some of the initial apps and helped the adoption.

Please don’t forget us now.

Also, there is an order of magnitude more users on Windows than there is on Macs!


Hi, we will never forget Nreal Light, and will take it into consideration in later version of Windows Nebula.

This definitely needs to happen.

I’m concerned that things like the spacetop laptop would be redundant if nreal were to release this, making it a conflict of interest

Hi mates,
some time passed so I just wanted to ask if there are any news on Nebula for windows support for Xreal Lights?
Thanks for your efforts!

Hi, bart. Upon careful consideration and internal discussions, we have decided against supporting Light on Nebula for Windows.

Hi @XREAL-dev - could you provide an update on what the support plan is for the Light’s going forwards? On one hand, you have confirmed that you are not bringing light support to Windows, and that there are no longer Dev Kits available to buy, however, your main developer page on advertises all of the Light features, such as hand tracking, 6DoF plane detection and your latest SDK Beta adds Spatial Anchors which requires Lights.

Is Xreal supporting Light’s going forwards? Thanks.

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@XREAL-dev could you please provide some guidance as to whether there will be general support for the light glasses? I am currently building for that device, however, if the device is no longer available or supported, this is important to know.

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