Plug information for the glasses

Really interested in buying them.

Can we go out and walk with them at the same time , having 1 monitor showing us youtube ?
How can we use and change them at the same time , I already have battery pack , Do you have adapter for the phone ?
Does the glasses need to be charge if we connect dirrectly to a PC that is plug to the wall ?

and light and Air are the same , only that air have more camera right ?

thanks !

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Hi! Please check the following answers: 1. Yes, you can get one virtual screen showing youtube, and you can still see through the glass; 2. Currently, there is no formal use&charge solution from us; 3. You can connect glass directly if your PC supports TypeC and DP, no need to charge glass separately. 4. Light and Air are different, Air is more like a standard sunglass. And Light comes with RGB cam, two Slam cams, but Air not.


and for question 2 , do you know any third party cable or adapter that can do the job ?

As I know, Redmagic adaptor can be used for this job, but I only tested it on Samsung phones, it worked.

Just order a pair of NREAL AIR , would really love to know about adapter that can work for USB C device and Iphone device as I want to wear it all day every where I go , and I will have battery pack on me.

Will get my hands on a MacBook air M1 in the future too , as this will be the best option of them all I guess. If you can sync the Macbook to the glasses.

The adaptor I mentioned above is only for compatible Android phones. If you want one adaptor which suits the iPhone, then I think you should find other adaptors, but we will release one that works with the iPhone.
For Mac, you can insert Air to it directly, it can work as an expanded monitor. In future, we will release a software for M Macbook.

nice thanks for the information .

And How many monitors can we add to the glasses ? IF, when plug into a Laptop or computer, we can generate multiple monitor that the OS detect , that could be more than awesome !

Currently, only one monitor can be supported. After the release of the Mac version, you will get more than one monitors :smiley:

that is more than good to hear about the multiple monitor !!

And for the software , that will do multiple monitor , It can be so nice if you can emulate Resolution , meaning like you can say , ok send 8000x8000 pixel on the size of space we choose in the glass.

so this adapter right ?

Original Nubia RedMagic Adapter for RedMagic 5G 5S 6pro 6 Docking Station Adapt to Type-C Port Phone PD Fast Charge gaming dock

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Sorry the glass doesn’t support so high resolution, but your idea is great. And yes, the adaptor you attached is correct.

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and is that the adapter your talking about ? The resolution part is because, I am really looking for something to replace my 3 4k screen setup here. for productivity.

Yep, the adaptor is what I tested on a Samsung phone.

What cable do I need to plug in into and Iphone or ipad ?

There is no such solution currently for iPhone or iPad with a lightning port, but you can wait for the release of our own adaptor which allows you to connect the glass with your iPhone. For iPad with a Type-C port, you can just insert your glass to it.