Point Cloud Access?

The developer guide under core features mentions access to “real-time mapping constructions and 3D point clouds”. Having plane detection is great,(though I do look forward to refinements), but it would be very nice to have access to the raw point cloud to be able to better understand the user’s environment for instance for improved occlusion or surface distance estimation. I could not find any way to access point cloud data in the SDK. Am I missing the API for it, or if not, is this a planned feature? Thanks for your help.

The access to point cloud is currently not not open to general developers. But Nreal glass does have the capability of 3d mapping and reconstruction. We understand the significance of environmental awareness and will progressively provide more APIs as Nreal’s SLAM algorithm gets mature.

Thank you!


Thanks. I assumed that was the case, but wanted to raise the issue to make sure you are aware of the interest.

I am very interested in this feature as well. Would definitely allow to expand the types of applications that can be built.

We are very interested in 3D data too. Even we are planning to switch to Hololens just because of that missing… Need urgent solution to access 3D environment data.

Hi, do you mean the IMU raw data?

No we need SLAM point cloud data, or depth image

Sorry about it, the SLAM raw data cannot be accessed currently.