Porting existing app to NReal Light


I would like to port an existing working Unity3D app made for Vuzix Blade Upgraded AR Glasses to NReal, I took a quick browse and there doesn’t seem to be any upgrading guideline for existing projects. Can someone direct me to some sources for such, or enlighten me on what is needed? The app is working so I need the basics, but you can’t be sure, since the pipeline seems somewhat complicated to me. Do I need to use prefabs mentioned in tutorial projects? Dev faq is vague on such things.

The project is on Android

Thank you people in advance,

Hi, I wondered if your existing 3D app is based on Android SDK? If so, please notice that the NRSDK is unity-based package.

It is a Unity Project, at least the part I’m trying to port. I’m having trouble seeing something on the glasses. When I use Vysor on the computing unit, I can see it working though.

The MR app relies on our launcher, which can then be seen through the glass. And only if you do developing by our NRSDK, your app can be launched successfully in the glass. If your project is Unity project, please also import our NRSDK and follow the guidelines that you require.
Could you please tell me which part is difficult for you to understand and follow?

I’m sorry, seems I have given little information.

I already imported the SDK, and added a few prefabs to the main scene, NRInput and NRCameraRig, tried to modify the scene accordingly (replace raycaster and all) but our project heavily uses Unity UI and screen space overlay, which I am saddened to hear there is no NReal support. My first goal being rendering at least something on glasses, then modify accordingly but I must have missed the documentation on CameraRig (if there is any) so I don’t know how to place and size the cameras. I also changed the Canvas to world space. When I run Unity without deploying APK, I can see something albeit muddled and wonky, when I deploy to glasses and quickinstall, I see nothing.

OK, thanks for this info. Have you ever tried to use our demo in NRSDK, and check if it can be seen through the glass?

Yes, I’ve tried some, they work.

Then please generate a log and send it to us for analysis.

Will do as soon as possible, thanks :slight_smile: