Possibility to charge while using the glasses?


does anyone know if there is a workaround with adapters to use the glasses while charging the phone, too? Any ideas appreciated! :slight_smile:


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This is a far stretched theory but since both of your devices are android it is possible to download windows 10 on them(atleast on the phone). With this you could use the CMD to download adb on the phone and scrcpy on the glasses. Whilst having the glasses connected to the phone via cable you should be able to run the adb command and connect them wirelessly via the network you’re on(wifi) and through this wireless connection launch scrcpy.exe… This is a big stretch and just a theory, but it might work.

Not sure if your device supports it but, maybe it’s worth trying wireless charging?

How about trying 3 in 1 Mad Gaze adapter? https://mall.madgaze.com/product/mad_gaze_adapter
Let me know how it goes. Alternatively browse thru this and see what can help you: LINK

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Strangely enough my Oppo Find X3 recently (two days ago) allowed wireless charging while powering the Light, which was not possible earlier this year. Might be a firmware update feature.

This was with a 5W Qi adapter and was enough to keep the phone at approx the same percentage level.

Battery temp went towards 40 degrees Celsius the process, though, while I was using it to watch videos. Not sure what the results would be with a more processor intensive application.

Beyond that, given the available USB-C bridge boards available on Amazon, Ali Express or more specialized manufacturers, there might be a way to simply side-power the glasses if you’re willing to invest a bit of solder time.

I had limited success with the Wacom adapter, with the audio not coming accross. But this was a early test and I haven’t re-visited that setup recently.

I would also second Spymaster20’s suggestion, though. Somebody finally has to successfully order that thing :slight_smile:

Yeah i find it really odd that still nobody commented on MadGaze 3 in 1 adapter while using it with Nreal. I seen reviews that mentioned that it works with android: LINK and LINK
I would love to know if this really works in MR mode (by nebula) and not just mirror mode. Besides from this adapter I’ve been trying to find alternative usbc v3 splitter cable or board (LINK That needs to have all the usbc pins connected).

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Here you go wired solution for that supports only screen mirroring while charging your phone: LINK

My phone has air charge, and I just ordered a battery bank with wireless charging. I think this could be the deal. No reason it shouldn’t charge and work at the same time, and the battery bank was only $27 on Amazon.

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