Possible to get the glasses serial number via SDK?

I need to get the serial number of the glasses for logging purposes. The serial number gets displayed in the About page of the Nebular app, but I cannot see an obvious way to get it via the Unity SDK. I wrote some quick android code to read the serial numbers from the UsbDevice types in Java, however, they all return static values.

Has anyone achieved this? Or @XREAL-dev - could you share how we can get this value?

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Good luck getting useful help from nrealdev!

Always work asking - actually, I solved a problem today that means I don’t need it anymore, but will leave the question, as I still think its useful if you have multiple sets.

bump! I would like to know.
I tried to use NRDevice.Instance.NativeGlassesController?.GetGlassesSN();
as documented here: NRSDK Scripting API — NRSDK 1.7.0 documentation
But the API appears to be out of date? I cant find a serial number anywhere in the API?
Anyone know?