Product idea for nreal team

I have a product idea that you guys can easily implement and change the entire smartphone market.

You know how we have folding phones and flip phones, this will be nreal air glasses phone. The glasses remain as it is, but the wire connecting will not be smartphone but it will be a smartphone without display. That block without display will have physical keyboard like old blackberry phones and rest of the smartphone internals like processor, battery etc., For navigation there needs to be some sort of Bluetooth pointer attached to the displayless smartphone block similar to the stylus that samsung uses, that will be used for navigating the nreal air world Android smartphone, basically the entire Android OS needs to be adjusted according to the glasses display along with some AR. Full new OS for nreal glasses with all the smartphone functionalities.

People mostly use smartphones to watch tiktoks or Instagram reels. So wearing glasses and doing the same thing should be seamless.

Scan QR code to pay should be easy with glasses, Google maps should work with navigation, we don’t want the full blown 3d navigation which is hard to get it right, just a normal 2d navigation floating in the corner of the eye while riding motorcycle or driving car. What I’m saying is there are many delivery boys who would love to use glasses for navigation instead of phone. And many people like me who like the convenience. If this product done right, it has serious potential to change the entire smartphone industry and a start of new era.

The idea you mentioned for our glass and smartphones is excellent. Honestly, we have the first step on PC, the Sightful uses our Light glass with their keyboard, and the only display is in the glass.
And for the other suggestions you mentioned, I think it also relies on the source from the Android system.

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