PWA camera access


I am trying to access the nreal RGB camera from a progressive web app for WebRTC video chat. The nreal glasses are connected to a phone and the app runs in Nebula’s MR Space web browser. However, the browser doesn’t seem to support the camera. The video chat works without the glasses, but as soon as they are connected, even the phone camera cannot be accessed anymore. I’ve also tested a QR code scanner which works well on the phone but cannot access the nreal camera (or the phone camera as soon as the glasses are connected).

Does anyone know a way to run a PWA on the glasses with camera (and microphone) access?


Try going into the Nreal settings when its plugged into your phone and turn off power saving mode. I know that it may affect the RGB camera sometimes, it might solve your issue. Good luck

Thank you for your reply! I’ve disabled power saving mode and the browser detects multiple video devices. Apparently, it doesn’t have the permission to access cameras, though.

Try hooking up the goggles to the computer through USB and start your computers default camera app(mac photobooth or windows camera app depending on your equipment). This sometimes resets the RGB confiq, it worked for me once. I’m just speculating though, I hope it works for you too!

I’ve just tried that, but the permission issue in MR Space remains.

I think the video devices the browser detects are the phone cameras… is the browser detecting 4 devices?

Yeah, it detects 4 devices.

I can tell you for sure those are phone cameras.
I didn’t manage to access them while glasses are plugged in.
I did some low level tests trying to access those cameras in a new project without NrealSDK and cameras were available…