Question about Picture quality of Nreal Air

I just purchase the Nreal air to see if I like the experience.
I can say its nice but it lack Picture quality as the color are not that nice compare to my s20 screen + on the resolution side , when you put multiple window in VR mode , and make the kind of small but still lookable , the text become blurry.

Do you think we can fix those issues with software or better 'glasses 'will be needed ?

I am really looking for a full quad display monitor replacement for a PC or MAC , that is why I am asking.


Hi, I think maybe we can adopt a higher resolution in the next product and solve this.

And I will give you some feedback here about how the eyes feel after long exposure time to the glass.

Compare to Occulust quest I really prefer your Glasses , as they are small and the eyes feel better into them.

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OK, thanks, wait for your feedback.

My first pair of glasses, AR or other, I was not to sure what to expect…! So far my experience is very positive. I think the screen looks amazing, Movies and Games… WOW…! The colours are a bit over saturated, I prefer this look and feel.

TEXT or words on screen, not impressive at all.

I’m experiencing a very blurry image through the left Lens, resulting in text looking out of focus. I understand it could be one of my eyes. However, I have always believed I have 20/20 vision.

Is it possible to adjust one of the lens focus…? As I believe it might be out of focus.


Hi, it doesn’t support adjusting the lens focus. Maybe you can use the prescription lens for a better view?

Ill book myself into an optometrist and have my eye tested. I’ve never had a problem with my eye sight in my life. Perhaps today is the day. :disguised_face:

For future products: If you could build in some small focus correction, that would be good I feel, not just for me but also others.

Other than the focusing problem with the TEXT. I’m very happy with the glasses.



Thanks for your suggestion, we will try to improve the performance for productivity in our next products.