Raycast detection problem on opposite plane of Camera

Hello Nreal developer,

I have open HelloMR demo scene and it detected vertical plane and I am able place the model.
when I turn back it also detect the vertical plane but not able to place the model and controller gaze goes to infinite.

I have tried to enable meshcollider convex of PolygonPlaneVisualizer but gaze is flickering.

Could you please try HelloMR of V1.9.0? I have tested it in V1.9, there is no such issue. I can keep detecting different planes and place models.

Yes I have tested V1.9.0 and still getting same issue, not able to place the model on detected plane at opposite direction of camera.

Scenario : Start the app detect vertical plane then turn 180 degree and detect vertical plane then it happen.

same issue for horizontal plane, able to place model on floor but not able to place on ceiling.

Sorry for answering late, could you please catch a full log and send it to us? The log should be recorded from the glass plugin till the issue happens. Thanks in advance.