Real Air problems

I Have the Real Air and a Samsung s20 FE but the nebula app says device not compatible.

When I try run MRSpace it just goes black and comes up with

Error Code-11. MRSpace display device not find

What can I do?

Got the nreal air’s myself today, the air casting works perfectly but MRSpace won’t work on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.

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Yes i bought it today and have the same issue. Any ideas?

Hi developers. Thank you for using our Nreal Air. If you are using Samsung phones, please turn off the Dex mode first, then open Nebula and enter MR Space. If the issue still exists, please give me more feedbacks. Really sorry for the inconvenience that brings to you.

Thanks. Will give this a try and report back. I was thinking it might be a DeX issue.

This worked. Thank you so much for quick response.

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Is there any plan to support Samsung DeX in MR Space? as this would be awesome for mobile computing. Thanks

Sorry, we don’t have plan for this. And MR Space is mainly for 3D apps, but Dex mode is for 2D use case. I’m afraid that these two functions cannot be integrated together.

That is a shame as MRSpace looks perfect for using as a Desktop PC/DeX PC type space where you could open it like YouTube etc and have the window sitting in space for you to work on with a Keyboard and mouse or event the phones motion pointer type mouse.

Even having it in the Screen Mirroring side of things (Acting like you’ve connected phone to an external monitor) would be better than nothing. I’d use this and replace my monitor with it in a heartbeat for productivity.

We are doing some works to make a use case which can meet this requirement, and it is similar but not using Dex mode of Samsung.

It works for me with Dex with this:

Galaxy Z Folder 4 (SM-F936B/DS) compatibility issue?

  • bought in Portugal (2022-08-29)

Nreal Air (NR-7100GL)

  • Bought from Amazon Japan (2022-08-31)

Horrible Lag!

I just did a huge investment buying folder 4 and Nreal air, regard to use it for work! I’m a big data developer and I thought having 5 virtual monitors it’ll be amazing and increase my productivity.

The point is I’m facing a tremendous lag in the MR when I move my head from one window to another! Actually, everything has a lag, the image updates with cuts.

I’m using the following App, from the link below, since the Android APP is not available here in Portugal.

Any idea how to fix this issue, @XREAL-dev ?


Im using Note 20 ULTRA 5G SM-N986U in the US Market. I have DEX Off and the MR feature is still not working for me. It goes to a black screen for a minute then I always get Error code 11. Ive tried updating firmware and it states no new firmware.

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Hi, please go to Settings–Connections–More Connection settings–HDMI mode, make sure it is not ‘Samsung Dex’.

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I’ve done all this but it either doesn’t let me close dex because I have nebula open on my phone or it closes nebula then reopens to say my device is unavailable so I’ve only been able to use dex

Hello !
I disabled dex using the instructions and it really worked. Now I can use all functions.
I have S22 ultra.