Refocus nebula 3 window setup in Mac Beta

I’m currently using the mac beta to display 3 different screens. However, there are times which the screens all shift over. Initially this isn’t too bad, but sometimes I would have to do this every 15 minutes. The fix to this is to recetner the screens, but opening up the menu bar and then clicking the button to recenter is quite a hassle.

I saw the post " There needs to be a better way to recenter monitors in MacOS Nebula" talking about a terminal command to get this done. Is there any update on this possibility or even a simple global user configurable shortcut? Either of these solutions would solve my use case.

Hi, Alex. I wondered if you have tried the glass with an Android phone to check if there is any similar issue in AR Space?

I’m unable to connect to AR Space. I’m able to see my phone’s display, but I can’t the message “Plug in your glasses to enter Nebula” to go away. I’ve also tried logging in and that doesn’t seem to help.

Thanks for this info. Could you please confirm what phone model you used to test the AR Space? Oneplus?