Reinstall firmware on Lights

Hi, one of our pairs of Lights has stopped working. The customer using them said that a firmware update in Nebula got stuck, so they unplugged the glasses, and when they plugged them back in, Nebula no longer detected the glasses. Multiple tries, even going back to previous versions of Nebula has not worked.

Is it possible to re-apply the firmware to the Lights outside of Nebula? Either via another (dev tool) app or via a PC/browser? I know a web page exists for the airs:
XREAL Air - Firmware update.


Hi, mgrayson. It seems that the DP part of the firmware was incomplete. If you have Mac, you can try to use Nebula for Mac(V0.1.0 or V0.2.0) to update the firmware of the Light. There is no tool to update the Light currently.

Awesome - thanks @XREAL-dev - I will try this as soon as I get the glasses back and report back here.

OK, please let me know once you have test result.