Replacing moniters

Hi I have three monitors on my desk and I wanted to replace them with something smaller, I have a dell laptop running windows 11, and I was wondering if the Nreal air is a good replacement for them and if they what adapters would I need to connect it to my laptop

Hi, if your laptop comes with a USB-C 3.0 that supports DP output, then the glass can be used.

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I have to add that, unfortunately for some incomprehensible reason, Nebula isn’t supported on Windows, so you won’t be able to use the floating screens like in the advertisement for Mac.
I know it’s very sad. I love my Nreal Airs, but without Windows support they’re mostly best for gaming.

A definite value you can gain from them is privacy for working on ONE screen, that will always float directly in front of your face. The only problem with this is that the corners of the virtual screen suffer from like a blur vignette… especially for tiny text, so I’d advice you abstain from reading small text on them.

Nebula isn’t supported on Windows for now. It’s in development and expected to release at the end of Q1 (end of March).

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No adapter needed. It’s a straight USB-C to USB-C connection. So like the dev said, if your PC has USB-C and that port supports DP out then you can just buy the glasses and they will come with the necessary cable.

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Thanks it does, one more question when I wear the glasses can I add more screens or only one

Hi, the multi-screen function is only available on Mac and AR Sapce of Nebula currently.


Is he air suitable as a monitor? The Nreal light to be fair is only suitable for short term use or if you lie down and watch a movie, but not for a full day and not for reading word doc text and so on.