[REQUEST] Virtual desktop apps

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if Nreal already have apps like these or at least in the making?:

  • Virtual Desktop
  • Bigscreen
    If not, wouldn’t it be a great suggestion? Having apps like these would be game changer for Nreal. Since maybe creating app for windows to operate Nreal Glasses MR features would be entirely new long project, instead developing with unity for android would be more feasible ?
    Any thoughts?

+1 on this. @XREAL-dev @nreal Can you open source a 3D web view like what you are using in Nebula as an asset in the NRSDK or in the Unity Asset Store.


Thank you for your suggestion.

What does that mean? Will you consider it or are you just thanking them for ideas you won’t implement?


In my personal opinion, VR companies like oculus have the edge and are extremely popular because of these kind of apps. Right now Nreal does have the technology but it feels like an empty shell since it needs more key apps that allows it be used with different environment or platforms. The more useful Nreal Light is the more popular it becomes. These apps are an good example and another one would be steam app for Nreal, just imagine how cool it would be if you were able to play your steam VR games (or/and non VR). Its like a entering a different world with many possibilities (usefulness + popularity = more profitable). However if you just have virtual desktop app for Nreal the possibilities will be just unlimited but definably more than just steam. With this in mind about the apps above:
Virtual Desktop is a local and over the internet remote access app, however you will need 5G wifi connection.
Bigscreen is a remote access over internet + while having socializing features (meet online with multiple users and chit chat) + share screen (share your screen with multiple users while they can do the same + also at the same time.) + watch free or paid movies online with friends online (no need to go to the movies anymore :stuck_out_tongue: ). As you can see it’s extremly powerful app.
So imagine having this for Nreal… am I dreaming to big?


Virtual Desktop - If you want some sort of remote desktop connection - This is already possible. I personally have my main work laptop hooked up to an RPI4 running tinyPilot. It’s accessible from any web browser.
For the rest of the machines (including VM’s) in the house I’m using Apache Guacamole. Gives web browser access to all the machines via VNC.

Just create a new AR unity app and add a VNC client as module (sounds easier than it is) and from there… experiment, if you want something a bit more.

Big Screen - this would need a server to act as a bridge between users. Don’t hold on breath as this would be quite an undertaking and nreal is more of a hardware dev/seller than a software/service selling company.