Resetting NR Mesh

Hi everyone

I want to reset the mesh after each session in my application. So when I start the session, I instantiate a meshing manager gameobject in my scene (with NR Meshing manager and Mesh Obj Generator components attached to it). The mesh is being generated successfully as I walk through the room. When I want to end the session:

  1. I call the “ClearMeshInfo()” method for every “m_MeshInfoProcessor” in the “NRMeshingManager” script.
  2. I also call the “m_NativeMeshing.DestroyMeshInfo()” which is supposed to clear all the mesh blocks. This method also returns “true” as a result.
  3. I destroy the meshing manager gameobject.

After all the above, when I start a new session and instantiate a meshing manager gameobject again, the mesh isn’t new. It is the same mesh that I destroyed at the end of the previous session.
My question is if there’s a way to reset the mesh. My application can have multiple sessions and having a new mesh each time would be better.

Thank you for your time.

Maybe you can try to edit the following function, create a function called DsiableMeshing() and change it to false. When you want to reset the meshing, call DisableMeshing() and then EnableMeshing.

But please remember to update the config.