RGB Camera and power save mode? Where is Power save mode setting?

I’m trying to get screen recording to work and I’m building with RGBCamera-Record scene with 1.9.3 sdk in Unity… However I’m getting the “RGB Camera disabled, please check FAQ” error.

I’ve seen in the forums that I should turn off “Power Saver Mode” in Nebula settings, but I don’t see that option in Nebula settings when I tap the user icon in the Nebula app. This is App Version v2.3.4(1710).

Where is this setting?

Screen recording does work when I choose the “Virtual” setting in the screen recorder dialog.

It’s in the hidden developer options in Nebula settings.

1- go to the About section of Nebula
2- click on the Logo 10 times till you see a message that developer mode is available.
3- go to the Settings option
4- the Developer Options is at the bottom.

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I have an issue on activating RGB camera. I was able to activate developer mode & set Power Saving off. It says there to restart Nebula for thr change to take effect and I did it. When I launched Nebula again, the developer mode is off again. After reactivating & turn off Power Saving mode, I tried to screen record but still having RGB Camera Disabled message. Fyi, I am using Huawei P30 Pro with latest Nebula. Any thoughts?

Hi, Huawei P30 Pro is not compatible with the Nreal Light currently, so there are some unknown issues when using AR Space and functions.

Thanks for info, I suspect that as well. However, I have tested other MR apps & seems to be working especially related to hand tracking & surface althought a bit buggy