RGBCamera disabled in my P30

I am using P30 with Nreal Light, but cannot get RGB camera running properly.
Any config should be used before RGB Camera? Thx for your support.

Hi, could you please confirm if you got the error tip while calling the RGB camera in the AR Space of Nebula? If so, please make sure the phone is not running in power-saving mode. (Check the setting of your phone, and assign Camera Permission)

I am using Nebula to open the Application which I developed, and NRSDK version is 1.10.2. Nebula is perfectly fine and no error tips in Nebula.

OK, thanks for your info. Could you please try to use the Record function of your Nebula and check if the RGB camera can be enabled? If the RGB cam can be enabled on the main screen of the Nebula, then you should check the codes of your project. If the RGB cannot be used well in the Nebula, please print the full log, we need to check further.

I don’t know if I could enable RGB camera in Nebula because I just use Nebula to open My application. And this application is the example of NRSDK named CAMERA. Can you told me that how to call the RGB camera in AR space of Nebula, pls? Thx.

Please check the following pic.