Roadmap for Nebula app for mac

Hi there!
I was wondering if the dev could share the roadmap for the nebula app of mac.
I’m using it today, and it’s fine, mostly, but I think there could be so many more features to it. For example, the option to put screens anywhere in the space, increase or decrease different screens (not all 3 together), rotate the side screens to adjust for looking downwards, and more.

I’d love to hear what’s the plan for the app. Transparency is the best way to our hearts :smiley:
Thank you!

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Hi, thanks for using our glass. I will try to check the roadmap internally.

Hi there!
Is there an update on this? I’d love to hear what’s in store for us.

Any chance to use Mac mini with Xreal Air and without external hdmi monitor? This will make me travel with Mac mini.

Hi, the current logic of the Mac Nebula is to copy the main screen and re-render it to virtual screens. So it cannot work without a physical screen on Mac mini.

Are there any plans to add a feature to be able to control each screen’s location separately? That would be amazing.

Hi, we do have plans to add this kind of feature.

Do you know what could be great as well?
If we could rotate the left and right screens so they are aligned horizontally.
Sometimes my middle screen is leaned a bit downward, and when I rotate my head to the left or right, the side screens aren’t aligned to the horizon like with real screens.


I’m so hoping that the 3D will be added to the Nebula app.
It’s one of the reasons why I bought the glasses, I’m hoping to watch 3D movies with them.

You would make a lot of happy Mac users out there!

ok, found a work around with the new function of pressing the brightness + button to switch to 3D on the glasses.

It might work with other apps, but I didn’t have time to try it yet.

On Mac, there’s an app called Bino. It is a 3D player.
I put the glasses in 3D mode, using a SBS video (I got the Avatar 3D trailer), you will have to set the input to Right/Left, Half width, and the output to Right/Left in Bino.


It’s not the deepest 3D effect, certainly not movie theater quality, but it’s a thousand times better than red/blue glasses! :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can deepen the 3D effect more by playing with settings.

Hi, you can also use our Spatial Cinema on your mac and watch 3D SBS on a 3D virtual screen.

Sorry, it doesn’t work for me.

No matter how I go up or down in widescreen mode (zooming in or out), it never shows the whole image. I have to tilt my head up/down, right/left to see what’s happening around the edges. I want to see the whole image/movie, not a cropped version. Feels like sitting in the first two rows of a movie theater, where the center is visible, but the corners are not, one needs to actually look around to see what’s happening around.
I prefer sitting in the middle of the theater and see the whole screen.

Plus, there’s streaking when moving my head around the image.

Bino offers a better solution in my view, for 3D content. Anything else for 2D.

If Spatial Cinema can show a whole image versus a cropped one, I’ll consider it again.

OK, thanks for your feedback, we will try to optimize the Spatial Cinema, and provide a better experience.

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If it was possible to get a full picture, and still move head around, that would be really nice.
Would it be possible to show the whole picture, instead of a cropped one?
I tried from 24" to over 300" and it just zooms in, but even at the smallest, it still crops the picture.

The smallest size should be suitable, if you still get cropped image, maybe you can try to use different nosepad.

thanks… I tried every position possible, I still get a cropped image, even at 24"… which I thought was weird.
The image from 24’ to 55" gets slowly bigger, then drops after 55" to zoom in more later at bigger sizes. It’s a weird thing happening.

Also, how do I get rid of the time display? It’s always on at the middle top.
Kinda annoying when watching something