S21 ultra 5g no function at all, no image not even dex works

Hi ive just recieved my nreal airs and very frustrated that i cant get it to work with my s21 ultra 5g. My model is SM-998B Exynos and im from Australia so i was initially worried that it wouldnt work at all. So the big problem is that it works fine on my dads s21 ultra 5g, identical phone, same model as well, AR space working fully even in my region.
So why doesnt it work on my phone. Not only does AR space not show up, i get no image at all.
When i first plugged the airs into my 21 ultra I dex showed up, and it did display dex and mirroring, after a few seconds it glitched and the whole image was broken with artifacts, then it crashed and no image has shown up since. Not for dex or for mirroring.
Ive tried disabling dex, restarting my phone, downloading both latest 3.2.1 version of nebula and the 1gb apkcombo version.
Same result, no image at all not even for mirroring on my s21 ultra 5g which i know it works because my dad has the same phone with no problems, clear image with no artifacts too, very strange.
Now the clue is when i try to open ar space error 12 shows up, thats the only lead i have to try fix this.
Devs please fix this my phone is compatible and it clearly works with my dads identical phone what can i do?
Please help :pray:

Also im running android 13

Update: ive found the retry update button on forced firmware update and after going through setup screen shows again, even launched ar space, but then as soon as i touch my phone it crashes, artifacts, then frozen no image and error 12 comes back up.
Devs please look into this

Hi, the SM-998B Exynos is not in the Air’s compatibility list, we cannot make sure the performance in AR Space mode. But it should work in Dex mode and Mirror mode, so this is the issue. Please confirm if the USB interface of your Phone is OK with the physical monitor?